5 January 2013

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It took us awhile, but Stu and I finally finished watching Steins;Gate and it was awesome. It's definitely one of the better anime, next to Hyouka, I've seen lately and I highly recommended it.

Here's a breif summary without going into spoiler territory:

Rintaro Okabe, a self proclaimed mad scientist, discovered that the combo gadget of his microwave and his cellphone is in fact a time machine that can send text messages into the past.

That's honestly as far as I can go without spoilering some of the plot later and honestly, it's worth the experience to not know what's going to happen next.

At a first glance, with the number of female characters, one might mistake this show for being a harem anime with time travel involved, and it's easy to make that claim since it's based off a visual novel with different endings/pairings. However, it is way more than that.

The first eleven episodes are slow because the gang are mainly just experimenting with the time machine and it almost feels close to a slice of life anime. However, episode twelve is a wham episode where everything changes it starts to reveal the consequences of the characters actions from the first half. It's similar to that of Princess Tutu, the first eleven or so episodes are used to established the characters and the story so that when it gets to the meat of the story you care about what actually happens to them and what they're put through. And the ending is very fitting, but also up beat to the series.

And trust me, these guys really do earn they're happy ending. Therse are a great cast of characters in this show and I lost count of how many times I've felt my heart strings being pulled as the story went on.

Overall, it's a good sci fi series with a good mix of humor, drama and with a side romance plot that feels natural and doesn't overtake the story.

I would highly recommended the dub. I know there are fans that probably stand by the Japanese version because Okabe's "Engrish" is hilarious, but they did a fantastic job with the dub. Also, like Ghost in the Shell, I find the story is a lot easier to follow in the dub than the Japanese version. Plus, you can tell the staff had fun translating this. Just take a lot at this clip.


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