27 April 2013

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So, recent new development is that Stu and I decided to buy a new desktop computer. We each still have our laptops, but we know that once we have our own house we're probably going to need a laptop, so might as well get it now.

It isn't suppose to arrive for another week, but this has results in me spring cleaning my room, including my closet to make space for it. This is mainly moving, going through my craft supplies and throwing out stuff I don't need anymore.

I had forgotten it was also where I had store a lot of my drawings and stories from high school and I'm laughing myself silly. Granted, it does make me realize that my skills have improved a lot more than I remember, in both writing and drawing. Some of the stuff I'm re-discovering are old fanart drawings, fanfics written in notebooks that thankfully never saw the light of day and the best of all a Slayers rip-off manga I drew back in my high school senior year. I may have to scan some of the pages just to share my nostalgia of it.

With that said, did find my notebook with old story ideas I had written down to maybe try to write at a later date. So, that's a keeper at least.

In other news, I have started playing the first game of the Sly Cooper series and it is far. However, I can see the major changes they made for Sly 2 and I can see why. The dying by one hit can be frustrating, but it's still fun.

However, I'm not that far in the game. I'm currently trying to figured out how I'm suppose to cross traps while supposedly hiding in a barrel for protection. This makes sense in context I swear. XP


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