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Stu and I just came back from seeing The Croods. It was so good!

I won't go into major spoilers, but if you love Chris Sanders other works like Lilo and Stitch and How To Train Your Dragon, you'll love The Croods.

It's both hilarious and touching. It has a great balance of comedy and tear jerking moments. from the trailers you would think the main character is Eeep and her love story with Guy is the main plot but it's not. The whole family is the main character of the movie and how they change. Eeep and Guy's relationship is just part of the subplot and it's natural, but it's not the main focus.

Also, not only is Eep a great character, but the whole family are great characters to watch develop. They're all just fun to watch interact between each other. The different types of animals and creatures they developed for the movie are fun too. It's like seeing all the great combination of animals from the Avatar series.

Plus the animation and scenery in this movie is really imaginative too.

All in all, The Croods is far more than just a comedy. If you love Chris Sanders work, you'll enjoy this. If you've never heard of the guy, this movie is a good introduction to his work. It's just a great movie. Be warned, you will probably need tissues.
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