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Okay, just for fun Stu and I have decided to write a review for each Sly Cooper game we finish. So, here's the review for the first Sly Cooper game and keep in mind we did play a bit of Sly Cooper 2 before we played the first one. So, here goes:

Joanne: To start things off, the first Sly Cooper was worth playing just for the background story. It's a good set up for the whole world and characters.

Stuart: The story was straightforward enough - boy loses family and legendary tome of thievery, goes to take down the criminals responsible and get the tome and revenge in one go. I did find some parts repetitive, but I'll get into that when we talk about the villains.

Joanne: Yes, the villains. Got to say the first villain was a bit lame, and the others weren't as memorable as Dimitri, except for Panda King. He was probably the most fun boss in the game. To start with it was a fair fight with him and he didn't just go and tell us where the next boss was either.

Stuart: Oh, we're talking about the villains already? Right. So, Froggy McForgettable was up first, sinking ships for profit! Aaand that's about all there is to say about him - after finally knocking the frog into water, he gave up, and told us where the next member of the gang was. Bowser or whatever the dog's name was came next, driving everyone out of a city so he could open a casino. Had a slightly better backstory, but again, defeat him and he tells you where to go next. Apparently he hated sunlight.

Third was Madame Ruby, who was a necromancer. Wait, what? A bit more interesting - and then the boss fight was a DDR mini-game. Also it wasn't clear what she was doing with the zombies. After beating her, we learn that the next enemy's in China.

And then we get Panda King. Heck yes. Villainous scheme: Build explosives, extort villages for protection money, bury those who don't pay up in avalanches. Evil and sensible. Boss fight? No gimmicks, no mini-games, he is just a giant panda that hurls fireballs that you face in a straight fight. Best villain of the five.

Finally, Clockwork. ...close second. Ancient beyond remembering - though some of that information came from Sly 2 - with a grudge and a death ray. Only problem, really, is that I think revenge took priority over sense - why not just wipe out the family in one go? (Because then there wouldn't be a game.) Boss fight - a mini-game, but at least a pretty good one. I'll talk more about that in the gameplay section, but first there's other characters to discuss - namely, Sly and the gang.

Joanne: Yeah, I will fully admit that I like how Bently and Murry were in Sly 2 than the first one. Murry didn't seem as bright in the first game as he was in the second and he didn't seem to get to do as much besides driving the van and getting caught in race mini games. Bently at times could get a little annoying, but I realize it was his role as the guy that told you how the game works.

Sly overall was pretty good, although he seemed more snarky at the guys at times. However, I do like that while at the beginning of the game he could get struck down by one point, as he learns more skills you seem him improve and become the master thief he's suppose to be for Sly too. Also, he gets a good base for a relationship to grow with Carmelita.

For Carmelita, she was fun. We didn't get to see too much development for her, but we see a good starting point for her future relationship with Sly. I liked that she did prove to be a threat to Sly at times and that she is a good cop for a reason.

Stuart: Hey, Murray also had those sections where he's running for a key, and you have to cover him with a turret. Where he flees and cowers and dies in one hit. ...I definitely prefer Sly 2's 'The Murray, God Of Death'. As for Bentley - argh, obnoxious. Mostly for the clue vaults - there's a ton of them, and every time, there's unskippable dialogue from the turtle before he deigns to give you the code. The companions got a lot of improvement in Sly 2. You've covered everything else I was going to say, so on to the gameplay.

Joanne: I don't have too much to say since Stu played this game more than me. I will say that this felt more like a platformer which made it more difficult for me since I'm not as an avid gamer. The one hit point did drive me crazy at time. For gameplay, do find it easier in Sly 2 which, admittedly is the one I'm mostly playing.

Stuart: Right. I have a lot of complaints, and one compliment. First off - health system. Unless you have clovers - which don't come back on respawn unless you've burned a lot of lives - you have one hit point, and anything can kill you. Even a random thorny plant. It's a platformer trope, but not one friendly to 3D. Secondly - there's no avoiding a lot of enemies in the first three worlds - but then again, they also have one hit point each.

Thirdly: Mini-games, mini-games, mini-games. A racing game, a turret-defense, a shoot-em-up section, a 'kill all the enemies before they grab any one of the forty chests'- argh. The later levels had some okay ones, but they irked overall - fully half the levels, it seemed, were mini-games - and half the remaining ones had some gimmick, like the Invincible Magical Barrel. This went even to the boss fights - the dog was a gimmick fight, Ruby was somewhere between gimmick and rhythm mini-game, and even Clockwerk shifted gears to a jetpack shoot-em-up match.

hat said, I will give the game this credit. Coming into this after starting Sly 2, I was annoyed by how clumsy Sly 1 was by comparison - how there was no stealth, no agility, just platforming and mashing attack. But, as Sly recovered the Thievius Racoonus - he got those skills. He started getting ninja-leaps, rail-running, actual stealth ability. He went from incompetent to competent...which fits perfectly with the story. Credit where credit's due - that was well played on their part. By the Panda King's level, I was having a blast.
This doesn't mean I forgive the random mini-games, mind. Or the fact that every world boiled down to 'here's the level hub, collect seven magic keys to unlock the boss battle'.

Joanne: Lastly, worlds and design. I will say that, again, the Panda King had the best world design. It actually felt like I was in a different place and it was more believe than the others. Second would probably be Ruby's. She did have a creepy feel to her place, which was neat and made it fun world. The other worlds, weren't as memorable. The first world didn't have much besides a ship theme, second world was a casino and Clockwerk was a giant mountain with lava and lasers.

Stuart: Yeah. The weakness of Sly 1's worlds is that, unlike Sly 2, they didn't really feel like places. There was a hub, and different portals to go through to either a level or a mini-game. Even Panda King suffered from this - it just had better levels. Only exception was Clockwerk, which was auto-pilot from stage to stage.

Joanne: Overall, while it does have it's faults and Sly 2 is better, I was glad I to see the first Sly game. The background story and introduction makes you appreciate the second game more. Overall, it's a good way to get into the Sly franchise and I am slowly becoming a fan of it.

Stuart: Fun enough to play, platforming was solid barring a few obnoxious bits - mostly the timed death levels - had way too many mini-games and the dialogue got boring at times. Still worth the playthrough, though.

So, here's the first review. Expect review #2 once we finish playing Sly 2. ^_^

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