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Okay, so Stu and I have now completed Sly 2. So, like with the first Sly game it's time for a review, so here goes

Joanne: First off, while the first game was a good intro into this world and the characters, Sly 2 had a way better story.

It also felt like we had good character development moments, and I liked how all the heists in the game actually did link to together in the end. Granted, it was like a Saturday morning cartoon plot, but that's fitting since that's the feel the game is suppose to have.

Stuart: Stuart: We had actual character development, villains existing for more than one stage, and actual threads tying people together besides 'this guy's the next villain because reasons'. Arpeggio's summation of how everything tied together at the end was great - but even without that, there was the common thread of the Clockwerk parts. Not to mention that the Cooper Gang actually developed as people as the game went on - starting with Bentley having to save them, and culminating in the grand finale.

Joanne: Speaking of villains, they were WAY more interesting here than the first game. Demtri is funny, although I think that Jean Bison would be my favorite. We were just laughing and saying how awesome this game was because of the fact that he was FROZEN IN ICE and was recently thawed. Honestly, it makes me think this series has a bit of a post modern gaspunk setting to it.

Stuart: Oh, the villains. Dimitri's moves are greasy-sweet, yo! The silliest of the lot and yet I can take him more seriously than half of Sly 1's antagonists. Simple plan: PRINT MONEY. Bam. Rajan - less hilarious, but I liked that the point of his levels was to drive him into a frothing rage.

Stuart: The Contessa was probably the weakest, cruelest of the lot - two-faced and just plain evil. Jean Bison was great and frankly I'd love to see him in another game. O Canada.... As for Arpeggio...he had a glorious scheme, but sadly, Neyla the Queen of Backstabbing was, well, just that. Might I add that 'scouting gone horribly wrong' was a fun twist?

Joanne: The main cast was much more enjoyable in this. Murray was just awesome to watch and play as. We kept making the joke "Blood for Murray" whenever he had to beat up enemies. Also, he felt much more competent too.

Bently was so less annoying in this and I liked we actually saw character development for him in having to save the others from prison. Sly also felt less snarky and showed more that he does respect Bently and Murray. He felt much more like a gentleman thief than he did in the first game.

Also, like how there was more interaction between him and Carmelita. With that said, Carmelita was awesome to watch. I loved that even though we had to save her, half the plan was to just release her and let HER attack the Contessa. Also, we kept laughing how we could actually run into her and had to run like mad to escape her because she was actually threatening.

Stuart: You've covered most of what I wanted to mention - I'll repeat that Murray went from 'augh why' to 'BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD', and Bentley was a lot less annoying. With that said - seriously, Bentley, what the heck was up with your plans?

I mean, topple a chunk of building to crack open the streets, okay. Blow up a bridge to stop guards? Uh. Flood an entire valley to flush out one person? Crash a train into a prison wall? Start a war by awakening the souls of the damned?

Stuart: There were times he almost seemed like the bigger villain. Almost. Anyway, Carmelita I liked better in this game - and yes, having to panic and RUN was hilarious. "Jo, RUN, she took down half your health in one shot!"

Joanne: Finally, game play and mini games. Again, it was much better in Sly 2 than the first game. It wasn't as frustrating since Sly could survive more than one shot.
Also, was fun that you could play as Bently and Murray (although I will say Murray was the more fun of the two)

The mini games were better, but they varied from annoying to actually fun. Most of Sly and Murray's mini games were fun, I loved doing the tango between Sly and Carmelita. Bently's mini games were the most often to get on my nerves, however I will fully admit I loved the game of Bently taking on Nyla's airship. Also, I loved his boss battle with Jean Bison, that felt very in character for him and I loved that I beat him up with random objects rather than just having to hit him.

Stuart: The worst minigames were probably any time you were in turret mode - with the possible exception of Murray's tank - and the RC Chopper segments before Canada. With the turrets, you can't move and you can get swarmed easily; with the chopper, the controls are a bit awkward and you're stuck with bombs. Canada's RC Chopper Versus Neyla, OTOH, was glorious.

Stuart: The Gadgets were the main thing in this one, and unlike Sly 1's powerups, we actually bothered using them. That said, Sly's Lightning Strike and Murray's Fists of Flame were, possibly, a bit overpowered.

Joanne: Yeah, the power ups were fun. Sly's paraglide was probably the most useful and it was awesome having the lightening strike which killed enemies in one shot.

Joanne: So, finally the game world itself. It felt much more expanded upon from the last game and there was a lot more detail. Felt much more like what they did with China in the first game.
I liked how basically we spend two episodes in each country and each part was literally a different part of it. Canada, ironically, would probably have to be my favorite level. It was fun to climb on mountain tops instead of roofs for a change.

Stuart: The main difference is there wasn't anywhere near as much separation between 'stage' and 'world'. A lot of the missions were taking place in the overworld, rather than it serving as a glorified hub. On top of that, each one had a unique feel to it.

Stuart: Paris was a city - rooftops, river. Rajan's palace was a well-guarded palace, the temple more of a wild convoluted jungle. (Emphasis on convoluted.) The Contessa's prison was a fortress surrounded by a town, while her manor was a massively vertical castle. Canada just sprawled massively - and dodging bears and Carmelita became hilarious. Then an airship-fortress for the final stage...always something new.

Stuart: Now, one of my favourite things was the clue bottles. One batch, with a reward, per world - rather than one per mission, in Sly 1. This meant that each bottle was some sort of challenge, an odd place - as opposed to 'press button, receive six clues'. Yes, that actually happened in Sly 1

Stuart: Overall, the worlds felt like places, not hubs, and there was plenty to do besides the missions.

Joanne: Overall, definitely enjoyed Sly 2 more than the first. It's a great fun game and would gladly play it again. I'm really loving these characters and the world they're in.

Stuart: There were a few obnoxious mini-game bits that couldn't be avoided - but even those were improvements on what Sly 1 inflicted on the player. In my opinion, Sly 2 was an improvement on Sly 1 in every fashion - design, gameplay, story. A great part of the trilogy.

And now we're starting Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves. The beginning of it already looks interesting. Once we're done, expect a third and final review! ^_^

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