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So, Stu and I came from the Time Traveler's Reunion in Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia and we had a great time.

As promise, I have photos of the costumes we wore. Stu had one and I had two.

Stu attempted to be a steampunk pokemon trainer, but he ran out of time. He does plan on improving the costume though, it's a good base at least.
Image Hosted by

For Saturday I went as a steampunk cowgirl, I was rather happy with how it turned out.

Image Hosted by

One of the other steampunkers there. Everyone was really friendly.
Image Hosted by

This was one of the Sherbrooke buildings there.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

More costumes!
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

And apparently the Doctor dropped by too.
Image Hosted by

Here's what I wore on Sunday, when we had a garden tea party. I plan to add more to it in the future, but it's a good base for now.
Image Hosted by

I thought this was a cool outfit.
Image Hosted by

Here's the blacksmith shop.
Image Hosted by

I got a shot of me taken in one of the old parlors. So, cool!
Image Hosted by

And here's the garden tea party. We had tea, lemonade and cookies. Apparently, they're already talking about doing this again next year and make it bigger. The government wants to promote it to the US and even Europe since it would be good for tourism.
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Overall, it was a great even and would gladly go again. ^_^

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