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As promised, here's a photo of my flapper girl Tooth cosplay and the other Rise of the Guardians cosplayers I ran into.

Photo Ahead )

With that said, Stu and I are already thinking of what cosplay to do for Hal-con 2014. (We're not going to 2013 one cause we just don't have the extra money for it this year.)

I want to do two cosplay and one of them will be my steampunk costume, however, Stu is thinking about doing a young North from the Guardians of Childhood novels. So, to go with that it has me thinking of either trying to do Bunny (novel or movie), Katherine for just do my flapper girl Tooth costume again. I think anyone of them would be good, but I wouldn't mind opinions.
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It's the first day of Animaritime and so far it's been a good start.

We actually didn't start the day by going to the con, but rather to the Strange Adventures, our local comic store because Brenda Hickey was doing doing sketches for people. For those who don't know, Brenda Hickey is one of the artists that's been doing the My Little Pony comics and in fact her Micro-series on AppleJack comes out this much.

The artist who's doing the Powerpuff Girls comics was also there and they were both super friendly. I was able to get a cute Applejack sketch from Brenda and both a Rainbow Dash pin and snagged a Twilight pin for Isa.

After that, we went to con. I had thought of doing two cosplays plays this year, Lina Inverse and a flapper girl version of Tooth from Rise of the Guardians, but I ran out of time. So, I just stuck with the Tooth cosplay. I was so relieved when people were reconiging me and that I ran into two Jack Frost and a Bunny cosplayers there. I made sure to take pictures which I promise to post later.

Our biggest event today was hearing Brad Swaile speak, who is a voice actor. He was really fun and he showed up photos of past costumes and drawings he's done. Man the guy is talented and I can't wait to see his voice actor panel tomorrow.

And that's mainly day one, will probably have more news later. ^_^
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It's been awesome weather this week, I think somehow New Brunswick might have skipped spring since we went from cold winds to being able to wear shorts within two weeks. With that said, it's suppose to be pouring for the next couple of days, which isn't a bad thing since I think the crops need it.

It feels like lots of things have been going on/will be happening this summer. Stu and I decided it was time to buy a new Mac desktop together and it should be arriving sometime this week. We planned to set it up in our room and hopefully by next summer we'll be buying our own house.

Eventwise, Animaritime will be happening the beginning of July so I need to finish up my Lina cosplay. I got the shirt, cape and pants done. Now, I just need to make the shoulder guards and add gems to my glove and boots. I promise to post photos once it's finish.

And also, on June 15 and 16 Stu and I are driving down to Sherbrooke Village, Nova Scotia. Why? Cause, apparently, they're having a Time Travellers Reunion going on.

Time Travellers Reunion

It's bascially a big steampunk event where everyone gets to dress up, take part in workshops (there's a writing one I have my eye on) and there's even a tea garden party to take part in. It looks really fun and I've never been in that part of Nova Scotia. So, it's an adventure. I think they might do it every year, so if Stu and I really enjoy might do this again next year.

And my other summer projects are to finish my original novel and hopefully to lose ten pounds this summer.

Oh! And I'm finally caught up where I lost my original file in Sly Cooper 2. I was going to play the first game and then go to the second, but Stu and I decided might as well try playing both at the same time. Granted, between the two Stu and I enjoyed Sly Cooper 2 a lot more than the first one.


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