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Okay, so Stu and I have now completed Sly 2. So, like with the first Sly game it's time for a review, so here goes

Sly 2 Review with Jo and Stu )
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Stu and I saw Epic today and I really enjoyed it.

The story did feel disjointed at points, and there are some "how this world work" questions, but it had great characters, especially for female ones. I loved the queen and wished we could have seen more of her. (She got to be badass in a ball gown, that would be fun to cosplay) Also, the characters designs were terrific, I'm so glad I got the art book for this.

I do have to disagree with people that keep comparing it to Ferngully though. I get why that's the first to come to mind since both stories involve a human getting sunk and having to help save the forest with the little people that live there. Yet, I feel that's not really a fair comparison.

However, I would argue Epic feels much more like a fantasy movie than Ferngully (like Alice in Wonerland or the Wizard of Oz). To start with, the human turning tiny is not that unusual. There have been plenty of other stories that have done it, Ant Bully is the first to come to mind, Dot and Keeto, although I doubt anyone even knows what that one is. Heck even Alice did it.

The big difference is that Ferngully was more of an environmental film (with a very cheesy in your face environmental message). You could argue Epic had one too with showing how important the forest is, but it's not shoved in you face as often as Ferngully did.

Also, one big difference is that in Ferngully the main villain was powered by toxic fumes made by humans as well as the humans were also helping destroy the forest by cutting it down.

In Epic, the villain's main power is rot which is a natural part of nature. The villain just wants to upset the balance and destroy everything. Humans aren't even involve in his evil plans, and I'm rather glad cause that would have been too cliche.

Overall, Epic is a good movie. Best movie of the year? Probably not, but a good fantasy film with a good cast of characters. I would see this again.
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Okay, just for fun Stu and I have decided to write a review for each Sly Cooper game we finish. So, here's the review for the first Sly Cooper game and keep in mind we did play a bit of Sly Cooper 2 before we played the first one. So, here goes:

Sly Cooper Game Review with Jo and Stu )
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Stu and I just came back from seeing The Croods. It was so good!

I won't go into major spoilers, but if you love Chris Sanders other works like Lilo and Stitch and How To Train Your Dragon, you'll love The Croods.

It's both hilarious and touching. It has a great balance of comedy and tear jerking moments. from the trailers you would think the main character is Eeep and her love story with Guy is the main plot but it's not. The whole family is the main character of the movie and how they change. Eeep and Guy's relationship is just part of the subplot and it's natural, but it's not the main focus.

Also, not only is Eep a great character, but the whole family are great characters to watch develop. They're all just fun to watch interact between each other. The different types of animals and creatures they developed for the movie are fun too. It's like seeing all the great combination of animals from the Avatar series.

Plus the animation and scenery in this movie is really imaginative too.

All in all, The Croods is far more than just a comedy. If you love Chris Sanders work, you'll enjoy this. If you've never heard of the guy, this movie is a good introduction to his work. It's just a great movie. Be warned, you will probably need tissues.
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It took us awhile, but Stu and I finally finished watching Steins;Gate and it was awesome. It's definitely one of the better anime, next to Hyouka, I've seen lately and I highly recommended it.

Here's a breif summary without going into spoiler territory:

Rintaro Okabe, a self proclaimed mad scientist, discovered that the combo gadget of his microwave and his cellphone is in fact a time machine that can send text messages into the past.

That's honestly as far as I can go without spoilering some of the plot later and honestly, it's worth the experience to not know what's going to happen next.

At a first glance, with the number of female characters, one might mistake this show for being a harem anime with time travel involved, and it's easy to make that claim since it's based off a visual novel with different endings/pairings. However, it is way more than that.

The first eleven episodes are slow because the gang are mainly just experimenting with the time machine and it almost feels close to a slice of life anime. However, episode twelve is a wham episode where everything changes it starts to reveal the consequences of the characters actions from the first half. It's similar to that of Princess Tutu, the first eleven or so episodes are used to established the characters and the story so that when it gets to the meat of the story you care about what actually happens to them and what they're put through. And the ending is very fitting, but also up beat to the series.

And trust me, these guys really do earn they're happy ending. Therse are a great cast of characters in this show and I lost count of how many times I've felt my heart strings being pulled as the story went on.

Overall, it's a good sci fi series with a good mix of humor, drama and with a side romance plot that feels natural and doesn't overtake the story.

I would highly recommended the dub. I know there are fans that probably stand by the Japanese version because Okabe's "Engrish" is hilarious, but they did a fantastic job with the dub. Also, like Ghost in the Shell, I find the story is a lot easier to follow in the dub than the Japanese version. Plus, you can tell the staff had fun translating this. Just take a lot at this clip.

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Stu and I went to see Hotel Transylvania yesterday. When I had first saw the trailers, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to see it, however, when I saw what general good reviews it was getting, I figured I would give it a shot. I think what really got me was when not only gave it a full price rating, but they even did a musical review on it.

I won't give away any spoilers, but I will say that it's a fun Halloween movie. Not only are the characters fun, but the varity of the different kinds of monster designs was really neat to see. Also, I will fully admit I've never been an Adam Sandler fan, but he did a good job as the count.

What Stu loved the most was the fact that the movie subtly did the myth of vampires having OCD. It's not a part of vampire lore that is used as often as it should. (An example, apparently if a vampire is chasing you, if you throw beans/seeds on the ground, the vampire has to stop and count them.)

Some people were complaining of it not having a deep plot, but I don't think it needed one. Honestly, I think you have to view this movie the same way people tend to view Christmas movies. They don't have deep plot, but they're fun movies to watch during the holidays and I think Hotel Transylvania will be a good movie for kids to watch during Halloween. There needs to be more Halloween movies for the kids that don't like the extreme horror/gore movies they make.

Is it the greatest animated movie of the year? No, I'm certain Wreck it Ralph or Rise of The Guardians will beat it heads down, but it's still a fun movie overall. At the least, it's worth a DVD rental for a Friday night.
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It occurred to me that I haven't discussed the recent anime I've been watching, so I figured why not now.

First off, it's Fate Zero. This requires some explains, Fate Zero is the prequel to the series Fate Stay Night. (It was originally was a visual novel which I'm told is ten times better than the anime version that was made by Studio DEEN. However, the Fate Unlimited Bladeworks movie and Fate Zero are made by UFO Table.) To put it in simple terms, Fate Stay Night is about magic users summoning heroic spirits so they can fight for the Holy Grail. The main character Shiro summons a female king Arthur (no, I'm not kidding), one summons an Irish hero, etc. I'm not going to give too many spoilers.

The creator of Fate Stay Night gave permission to Gen Urobuchi to write a prequel novel which takes place in the Grail War ten years before the current series.

For those who don't know, Gen Urobuchi work Puella Magi Madoka Magica and that was considered a happy series for him. So, yeah, you can imagine this is a dark series.

I'm watching it due to both Stu and Jon being big fans of Fate Stay Night and honestly...I'm enjoying it greatly. It has a lot of interesting characters, but I really watch it for Iskander and Waver. Iskander is awesome and hilarious to watch, they just steal the show.

It also has a good plot going on, and even though I know it's not going to end well, I do want to see how this ends. I will warn people, this is a really, dark series at times. Due to one of the spirits summons being Gilles de Rais, there are child deaths in this. You don't see them on screen, but it's heavily implied. (There was a scene I had to ask the guys to tell me when it was over, because I had shut my eyes.) So, just keep that in mind.

Here's a scene of Iskander to show off his awesomeness, be warn this is a bit of a spoiler, but I just had to share this.

The other anime we've been watching is Persona 4 The Animation. It's an anime version of the game of the same name. I haven't played the game myself, but Jon has and he thinks it's a good version so far, and I'm loving it. I'm thrilled to hear it's been picked up for a North American release already.

It has an interesting ongoing mystery and a great cast of characters. The show so far has a nice mixture of humour, drama and action. There are filler episodes, but even I would argue that they're more for character development and just to give us a break. One thing I particularly like is what the writer does with the main character, Narukami. In the game, from what I understand, he's a blank character so the player can answer questions to whoever they want.

In the anime, the writer still were able to make he seem like a blank character, but he still has a bit of his own personality. There are plenty of times when he's snarky, but his blank facial expressions to situations are really funny.

I would say this is a good show for people that liked Slayers, Tales of the Abyss, etc. This show gives me a similar vibe to them.

We're also currently almost done Utena which we are greatly enjoying. I am glad I chose now to watch the series and now when I was younger because I doubt I would have understood the hidden meanings to the story and characters. I certainly wouldn't have enjoyed the story as much then as I do now.

To finish things off, there is an anime series that is suppose to air this month and I want to check out. It's called Bodacious Space Pirates and seems to be about a girl that inherits a space pirate ship and crew from her late father. I'll save final judgement until I see it, but it looks interesting.


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